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Kuprin This work is in the in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1923. A knave turned up on the right, a seven on the left. Read Best Russian Short Stories – The Original Classic Edition by Various Various with Rakuten Kobo. Just at the moment when two footmen were assisting the old lady to enter the carriage, Lizaveta saw her Engineer standing close beside the wheel; he grasped her hand; alarm caused her to lose her presence of mind, and the young man disappeared—but not before he had left a letter between her fingers. Queer things happen in the world: you may live a long while with some people, and be on friendly terms with them, and never once speak openly with them from your soul; with others you have scarcely time to get acquainted, and all at once you are pouring out to him–or he to you–all your secrets, as though you were at confession.

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There was nobody to whom she could turn in her perplexity, for she had neither female friend nor adviser. . . . But Shakespeare makes the impression of detachment from his works.

13 7 3 The Gentleman from San Francisco by I. Bunin

One thing only grieved him: the irreparable loss of the secret from which he had expected to obtain great wealth. The manners and customs of the prominent personage were grand and imposing, but rather exaggerated. The little maid of the many-rubied dowry received the handsomest doll, and the rest of the gifts were graded in value according to the diminishing scale of the parents’ stations in life. On returning home, she hastened to the window—the officer was standing in his accustomed place, with his eyes fixed upon her.

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Do you realise who is standing before you?” Less frequently to the under-officials, and, if he did utter the words, it was only after first having learned the bearings of the matter. He commenced calling himself Petrovich from the time when he received his free papers, and further began to drink heavily on all holidays, at first on the great ones, and then on all church festivals without discrimination, wherever a cross stood in the calendar. Did you know that since 2004, Biblio has used its profits to build 12 public libraries in rural villages of South America? . But there is another way of getting out of your difficulty: you can win back your money.’ “That same evening my grandmother went to Versailles to the _jeu de la reine_.

Это объявление было закрыто продавцом, так как товар больше недоступен.

The editor notes the interesting contrast between the first two stories: “The Queen of Spades,” by Pushkin, which could have been written by a French or British author, and “The Cloak,” by Gogol, which is simply Russian. Some unknown power seemed to have attracted him thither. He ran and fussed about and gave orders and arranged things. The watchman having closed his right nostril with his finger, had no sooner succeeded in holding half a handful up to the left, than the corpse sneezed so violently that he completely filled the eyes of all three.

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He simply did not know where he stood, or where to put his hands, his feet, and his whole body. A collection of short fiction by Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Pushkin, Turgenev, Chekhov, Gorky, and many others, each selection is the work of a master. Reflect,—you are old; you have not long to live—I am ready to take your sins upon my soul.

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One thing only grieved him: the irreparable loss of the secret from which he had expected to obtain great wealth. “You are a monster!” Said Lîzaveta at last. “I did not wish for her death,” replied Hermann: “my pistol was not loaded.” Both remained silent. Russian Stories: A Dual-Language Book – amazon.Com. For lining, they selected a cotton stuff, but so firm and thick, that Petrovich declared it to be better than silk, and even prettier and more glossy. There is no insistence upon peculiar virtues or vices. The 19 stories in this book are among the best written in the 19th century.